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Burlesque Performer: Victoria Romanova



Quick change:

"This unique act is truly spectacular!"

With this beautiful act Victoria introduces a new style:'Magic Burlesque'! The audience will be dazzled by the quick costume change with a spectaculair Burlesque ending...

Surprise Cake:

This is a very popular classic surprise act, during which Victoria appears out of a huge cake. This act is perfect for all kind of events: from birthdays to grand opening celebrations, anniversaries and more! No cake = no party!!

Champagne Tower:

The audience will witness a room service performance that they will always remember, Victoria, as a sexy waitress enters the room with a trolley full of champagne glasses and starts to build a magnificent champagne tower. This hard work makes her temperature rise so she takes off her uniform in a most seductive way. And then... o, lala, surprise! A huge bottle of champgne appears. After making these most tasty bubbles flow into the tower, Victoria personally hands out the glasses to the thirsty ones. Please notice that this act and others can be customized.

Marilyn Monroe, a popular American actress is believed to have taken a 'champagne bath'. It took approximately 350 champagne bottles to fill the bathtub! Inspired by this story Victoria created a classical Burlesque strip and tease act with champagne shower! This act will be perfect for the chic and glamour parties where champagne flows like water!!

Fan Dance:

Inspired by the legendary Sally Rand and the act with ostrich Fans that made her world famous in the 1930's, Miss Romanova performs this exotic dance in her own unique and elegant way adding her own creative touches to the routine and a modern flavour to go with the flair of her feathers...

Night club 1930:

In cooperation with a jazz band and singer, we let you make a small trip back in night club 1930. Time when night live was underground and alcohol market was in the hands of the gangsters. The time of jazz, cigars, champagne, gangsters, burlesque en vaudeville...



All prices are included assistant but excluding transportation en taxes.
First act: 625euro
Second act: 300euro
During the holidays there is a case of a 200% tariff.
Acts with an extra costs:
Champagne Tower: 3L Piper Heisieck + 30 chrystal coupe glasses: 300 euro
Magnum Piper Heidsieck + 14 special XL glasses: 200 euro
In agreement champagne could be also provided by customer.
Naughty cake: transportation: 175 euro
Night club 1930: Jazz band, singer, 2 burlesque acts: 1700 euro
Jazz band, singer, 4 burlesque acts, walk around magician: 2750 euro

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